New Assistant Professor: Laura Landorff

New Assistant Professor: Laura Landorff

As of April 1 2017 DIR - Research Center on Development and International Relations has a new assistant professor!

As of April 1 2017 I am the new assistant professor in European Studies at the Department of Culture and Global Studies. Holding a PhD degree in political science from the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences (BIGSSS), and being previously trained and employed at the department of European Studies at Aarhus University, I have been taught at the crossroads between humanities and social sciences in an international and interdisciplinary academic environment.

My research interests are two-fold: Empirically, EU institutions (particularly the EP), legislative organisation and the informal dimension of EP and EU politics at large have been at the centre of my academic work for the past five years. Theoretically, I pursue an interdisciplinary approach to EU integration research. I am inspired by a fairly new research stream calling for a revival of sociological approaches in EU studies (e.g. Favell & Guiraudon, 2011).

In my PhD research I explored European Parliament Intergroups. These are informal cross-party/cross-committee groupings that gather parliamentarians from different political groups, parliamentary committees and member states, as well as representatives of civil society and other EU institutions in their meetings. Taking an interdisciplinary approach to the study of EU institutions I combined theories of legislative organisation and behaviour with the Bourdieusian concepts of field, capital and habitus to analyse the EP from a sociological perspective as a transnational political field. Moreover, I have a strong commitment to social sciences methods. During my PhD research I specialised in qualitative and mixed methods (e.g. interviews, observations) and refined my skills during extensive field work in the EP.

In terms of future research projects, I aim to extend my portfolio along the lines of informal governance, civil society and EU democracy as well as by adding a comparative perspective to my parliamentary research.

I look forward to meeting you all at CGS. Please do not hesitate to stop by my office at Kroghstræde 3 (bygning 5-235) for a chat.

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