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Research coordinator

Peter Stein Larsen

Peter Stein Larsen (born 1959), DPhil, PhD, and professor at Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University. Leader of the research project Contemporary Poetry between Genres, Art Forms, and Media. Leader of the research group Interdisciplinary Research Group in Culture. Literature reviewer at Kristeligt Dagblad. Books: The Expansion of Poetry (2015), A Poetics of the Night Sky: Studies in Modern Scandinavian Poetry (2011), Dreams and Dialogues. Two Poetic Traditions around the Year 2000 (2009), Modernist Outsiders (1998), and Crystal of the Poem (1997). Anthologies: Contemporary Danish Poetry (2015), Culture Traffic. Aesthetic Expressions in a global World (2011), Interactions. On the Productive Collisions between the Art Forms (2009), Place (2008), Literary Metamorphoses (2005), and History of Modernism (2003)

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Core members

Louise Mønster

Louise Mønster (born 1972) PhD and associate professor at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University. Books: Mødesteder. Om Tomas Tranströmers og Henrik Nordbrandts poesi (2013) and Nedbrydningens opbyggelighed. Litterære historier i det 20. århundredes nordiske modernistiske lyrik (2009). Co-editor of Spøgelser (2012), Kulturtrafik (2011), Passage 63. Dansk litteratur i 00’erne (2010), Passage 69. Lyrik på tværs (2013) and Stedet (2008). Editor of Passage - Journal of Literature and Criticism.

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Martin Gregersen

Michael Kallesøe Schmidt

Michael Kallesøe Schmidt (born 1983), PhD, is assistant professor at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University. He has conducted research in the recent history of Danish author poetics, rhetorical aspects of N.F.S. Grundtvig's poems addressed to absolute kings, blog poetry, publishing formats of contemporary Danish poetry, and the early criticism of Torben Brostrøm.

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Jens Lohfert Jørgensen

Jens Lohfert Jørgensen (born 1968). PhD and and associate professor at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University. His research interests include literary historiography, literature sociology, Nordic and European literature in the late 19th and early 20th century, the genre of the novel, literature and medicine, 'bacteriological modernism' and experimental literature. He has published the book Sygdomstegn. En symptomatologisk læsning af J.P. Jacobsens Niels Lyhne (2014), and articles and book chapters on these issues in Danish and International journals and publications. He has taken initiative to the research networks Nordic Literary History Now and Nordic Network for Narrativity and Medicine.

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Peter Dayan

Peter Dayan (born 1958), DPhil, is Obel Visiting Professor in the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University, and Professor of Word and Music Studies at the University of Edinburgh. His first research field was French literature in the 19th century. Recently, he has been working on the relationship between music, poetry, and visual art in the 20th century, especially in the Dada movement. His latest book is Art as Music, Music as Poetry, Poetry as Art (2011); since then, he has written articles on Mallarmé and ecopoetics, words in the music of Jean-Claude Risset, the history of Wagnerism in French poetry and in Dadaism, and the “Chat noir” cabaret in Montmartre, amongst others.

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Associated members

Birgitte Stougaard Pedersen

Birgitte Stougaard Pedersen (born 1970) PhD and associate professor at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University. She has written on rhythm, the voice, aesthetics and meaning theory in the interrelationship between literature and music. Between 2006 and 2009 BSP worked on Danish rap music as part of the research project Rhythm, groove and gesture in Danish hip hop, between the local and the global. Among her publications is Lyd, litteratur og musik: Gestus i kunstoplevelsen (2008), she has co-edited Hiphop i Skandinavien (2008) and Off Beat - Pluralizing Rhythm (2013). Currently she is working on a research project concerning the digital renaissance of the audiobook, called "The Digital Audiobook ñ New Medium, New Users, New Literary Experiences?" She is one of the founding editors of the online journal SoundEffects - Interdisciplinary Journal of Sound and Sound Experience. As a singer, she has worked with groups that include the professional vocal ensemble Musica Ficta.

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Dan Ringgaard

Dan Ringgaard (born 1963) DPhil and associate professor at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University. Books: Collected Poems by Emil Aarestrup (1998), Poetic Leacages. The Poems, Travel Books and Eassays of Sophus Claussen (2000), Poetry and Rhythm (2002), Nordbrandt (2005), Sense of Place (2010), Chair Games. The Worlds of Jørgen Leth (2012); Anthologies on Giorgio Agamben, World Literature and Place Theory; textsbooks in Literary analysis and Danish literary history. Currently editor of one of four volumes of A Comparative History of Nordic Literary Cultures, under the aegis of ICLA. Current fields of research are poetry, place studies, processes of creation, literature and climate and the post literary.

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Hans Kristian S. Rustad

Hans Kristian S. Rustad (f. 1973), ph.d. og førsteamanuensis i nordisk litteratur ved Universitetet i Oslo. Han har gitt ut bøker om samtidslyrikk, intermedialitet og digital litteratur. Siste monografi er Fotopoetikk. Om dikt og fotografi i norsk lyrikk (2017).

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Jakob Schweppenhäuser

Jakob Schweppenhäuser (f. 1983), ph.d. fra Aarhus Universitet, postdoc ved Aalborg Universitet. Har bl.a. skrevet artikler om forskellige former for mundtlig poesi: sangtekster, rap, salmedigtning og digtoplæsning. Interesserer sig især for forholdet mellem mundtlighed og skriftlighed og mellem sprog og musik.

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Ole Karlsen

Ole Karlsen (born 1954) dr. art., professor of Scandinavian Literature at Hedmark University College. He has written articles on various literary subjects and is the editor of books on Norwegian postwar poets (Rolf Jacobsen, Olav H. Hauge, Gunvor Hofmo, Halldis Moren Vesaas, Hans Børli, Paal Brekke, Stein Mehren, Eldrid Lunden, Paal-Helge Haugen, Jan Erik Vold, Einar Økland, Tor Ulven). Has also written Fansmakt og bergsval dom. En studie i Olav H. Hauges romantiske metapoesi (2000, doctoral dissertation)), Ekfrasen i moderne norsk lyrikk (2003) and Streiflys. Om norsk og nordisk lyrikk (2006). Lately, he has edited Volds linjer (2011), Nordisk samtidspoesi. Særlig Jo Eggens forfatterskap (2012), and Nordisk samtidspoesi. Særlig forholdet mellom lyrikk og musikk (2013) and anthologies of poetry like Klokka seks dansar sola på Vallsetåsen. Harald Hamre/Rolv Thesen i utvalg ved Ole Karlsen (2011) and Poesi og bildekunst (2012).

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Rasmus Dahl Vest

Rasmus Dahl Vest (born 1988) is working on a PhD-thesis titled Poetry IRL – contemporary poetry’s role and place in the digital age. In this thesis he proposes that contemporary poetry has become part of the trans-media distribution of language, which constitutes the digital age’s social sphere. To understand the consequences of this delocalization, the thesis strives to answer the following questions: What happens to poetry, when it is dragged into “real” life (IRL), what happens to poetry, when life is partly lived through media interfaces and what happens to the relationship between poetry and politics, when poetry is delocalized? Rasmus Dahl Vest’s research interests are: postproduction, remediation, the relationship between the private|personal and the public|common and the relationship between poetry, place and politics.

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Rikke Andersen Kraglund

Rikke Andersen Kraglund (born 1973) is assistant professor at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University. She has published articles in Danish on subjects such as intertextuality, intermediality and literary composition. She wrote her thesis on references in the works of the Norwegian author Jan Kjærstad. In English she authored an article on the oddness of Genette’s voice in the anthology Strange Voices (Narratologia 2011) and she has co-edited the anthology Why Study Literature? (2011). She is active in a number of networks, including the Unnatural Narratology, the Narrative Research Lab and Centre for Fictionality Studies.

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Stefan Kjerkegaard

Stefan Kjerkegaard (born 1973). Associate professor at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University. He has written numerous books and articles in Danish on contemporary Scandinavian literature and has co-edited volumes on topics such as poetry, literary theory, didactics of literature and narratology. Among these are: Selvskreven om litterær selvfremstilling (2006), Vidnesbyrd. Danske fortællinger fra tyske koncentrationslejre (2008), Hørbylundemanden. Introduktion til Per Højholts forfatterskab (2009), Musikken, verset, poesien: Tekster af og om Stéphane Mallarme (2010), Fiktionalitet på tværs af medier (2013), Diktet utenfor diktsamlingen. (2013). 

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Affiliated members

Virginia Jackson, University of California, Irvine

Joseph M. Conte, University at Buffalo

Peter Dayan, University of Edinburgh

Maria Engberg, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Andrew Roberts, University of Dundee

Peter Middleton, University of Southampton

Dana Gioia, University of Southern California

Derek Attridge, University of York

Jan Röhnert, University of Braunschweig

Claudia Benthien, Universität Hamburg 

Eirik Vassenden, University of Bergen

Anne Karhio, University of Bergen

Matti Kangaskoski, University of Helsinki

Carmen Vioreanu, Bucharest University 

Jørn Erslev Andersen, Aarhus Universitet 

Sara Tanderup, Aarhus Universitet 

Stephen Joyce, Aarhus Universitet 

James Day, Københavns Universitet  

Erling Aadland, University of Bergen

Unni Langås, University of Agder

Per Erik Ljung, University of Lund

Idar Stegane, University of Bergen

Eva-Britta Ståhl, Gävle University College

Eva Lilja, University of Gothenburg

Per Bäckström, University of Karlstad

Johan Alfredsson, University of Gothenburg

Hadle Oftedal Andersen, University of Helsinki

Tatjana Brandt, University of Helsinki

Susanne Kemp, University of Copenhagen 

Bergur Djurhuus Hansen, University of Faroe Island

Martin Glaz Serup, University of Copenhagen

Thomas Hviid Kromann, University of Copenhagen

Krista Stinne Greve Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen

Anker Gemzøe, Aalborg University

Jens Lohfert Jørgensen, Aalborg University

Maria Jørgensen, University of Copenhagen

Mikkel Krause Frantzen, University of Copenhagen

Pablo Llambías, Forfatterskolen, Copenhagen

Elin Stengrundet, Hedmark University College

May Lånke, Hedmark University College

Even Igland Diesen, Hedmark University College 

Mia Rendix, Aalborg University

Jeppe Klitgaard Stricker, Aalborg University

Morten Søndergaard, Copenhagen

René Rasmussen, University of Copenhagen

Patricia Tomaszek, University of Bergen

Martine Lønneker, Aarhus University

Giuliano D'Amico, Volda University College

Mette-Marie Zacher Sørensen, Aarhus University

Bent Sørensen, Aalborg University

Ernst-Ulrich Pinkert, Aalborg University

Camelia Elias, Roskilde University