FREIA – Center for Gender Research

Welcome to the FREIA homepage

Welcome to the FREIA homepage

FREIA is a gender research center at the Department of Culture and Global Studies at Aalborg University. FREIA was founded in 1990 as an interdisciplinary research center at Aalborg University. 

Central to FREIA’s research is the examination of the interaction between gender and other differentiating and in-equalizing categories (such as class, ethnicity, race and generation/age) in a comparative Nordic, European and global perspective. Newer focus areas are intersections between gender and locality; gender and nationality. Since 2012 FREIA and EDGE has worked on a shared umbrella-project with a focus on differences, equality and inequality in local, global and (trans)national contexts.

Areas of interest are:

  • Equality/inequality, diversity and differences – locally/regionally, (trans)nationally and globally.
  • Mainstreaming, democracy and development – for example comparative analysis in Europa, Africa and Asia.
  • Democracy, citizenship, EU-citizenship, human rights and global citizenship. 
  • Gender and equality in politics, economy/labour market and family – discourses, policies and practices. 
  • Masculinity/ies in everyday life, in organizations, in the labour market, in government institutions, nationally, in the EU and international politics and conflicts.






FREIA is a multiple-field research center. Taking its starting point in the field of gender, the members of FREIA cover – in both research and teaching – a broad selection of fields in and across sociology, political science, statistics, anthropology, philosophy, history and European, international and post-colonial studies.

Contact FREIA

Contact FREIA

Research coordinator Stine Thidemann Faber

Phone: +45 9940 9206