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New PhD fellow: Daria Morozova

New PhD fellow: Daria Morozova

As of 1 September 2018, Culture and Consumption (CC) has a new PhD fellow!

Last modified: 18.09.2018

I am Daria Morozova, a new PhD student at the Faculty of Humanities, Department of Culture and Global Studies. I am part of a 3-year research project on smart clothes and sustainability carried out at the Department.

I have graduated from the University of Helsinki with a Master of Social Sciences degree. During my studies, I have been extensively involved in consumer practices research and have had a chance to experiment with methods, including videography.

My PhD project focuses on the social practices of using smart clothes, footwear and accessories, and the possible implications of this usage for sustainable consumption. Smart clothes are understood as design pieces that combine aesthetics with technology, such as dresses with solar panels or sneakers with sensors that measure users’ heartbeat. Sustainable consumption is a way of consuming goods with the purpose of minimising environmental harm. Previously, I have been looking at either consumers or producers, while this time I am curious about social practices per se.