New PhD Fellow: Helle Nissen Gregersen

New PhD Fellow: Helle Nissen Gregersen

As of October 2016 the doctoral programme Culture and Global Studies and CHI has a new PhD Fellow!

Last modified: 01.10.2016

My name is Helle Nissen Gregersen and as of 1 November 2016 I have started as a PhD student at AAU, Department of Culture and Global Studies. I am 29 years old and live in Aarhus. In April 2015, I graduated from Aarhus University with a master’s degree in cultural history. Since then, I have worked at the Prison Museum in Horsens and at Struer Museum, where I am currently employed as a curator. My PhD project is a collaboration between AAU and Struer Museum.

The working title of my project is Radiobyen der blev til i ly af fabrikken [The radio city established under the cover of the factory], and it is a study of the historical significance of the presence of B&O in Struer. The aim of my project is to uncover how B&O’s presence in and interaction with the city of Struer have affected the city’s self-image. The historical origins of self-image must be explored through the study of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage created through the company's presence in the city. Mogens Rüdiger is my principal supervisor on the project, and Line Vestergaard Knudsen will be my secondary supervisor.

The project is affiliated to the Limfjord Museums’ Association (LIMSAM), which coordinates research activities at a number of museums in the Limfjord area. In 2017, one of my first sub-projects will be to participate in a LIMSAM project on company histories from North-western Jutland. In this context, I will be looking at the district formation of the so-called B&O City, which emerged alongside the radio factories in Struer.

Since the project is a collaboration between AAU and Struer Museum, my dissemination activities will mainly include curating and museum work. These activities will be based at Struer Museum, where I will also be based during written data collection and while conducting interviews; however, during my writing periods I am planning to work at the University. I will therefore be working in both Aalborg and Struer during my next three years of studies.