Vision - Mission Statement


The main objective of the doctoral programme Culture and Global Studies is to provide doctoral training that meets international standards. The programme is designed to offer graduate students optimal conditions for achieving a PhD degree in the scheduled time. The CGS programme is based on interdisciplinary approaches, and it aims at producing high level research and to stimulate internationalization. PhD fellows are prepared for becoming qualified researchers and educators, or to qualify for employment in similar areas of activity.


The overall objectives are met by the following means:


  • Admission procedures are competitive and transparent


  • Supervision of the PhD fellows is provided by active researchers
  • The students are offered regular meetings with their supervisor(s) that also addresses publication strategies

Research activities within and outside the CGS programme

  • Regular research seminars
  • Continuous research presentations
  • Guest lectures and research symposia
  • Conferences
  • PhD courses
  • Pre-defence


  • Danish PhD fellows are encouraged to visit research milieus abroad
  • Foreign PhD fellows are admitted to the CGS doctoral programme
  • Foreign students are invited as visiting research fellows for shorter periods
  • A high level of international publication is stimulated

General activities

  • Scholarly and social networks among the PhD fellows supported by the CGS doctoral programme
  • Regular Personal Development Dialogues with the individual PhD fellow and the Head of Department
  • Regular meetings between the individual student and the director of the CGS doctoral programme about general questions concerning the PhD education
  • Regular meetings with the PhD fellows and the director of the CGS doctoral programme about common and general issues
  • One meeting during the PhD process between the individual PhD fellow, the supervisor and the director of the CGS doctoral programme about future career paths


  • An active fundraising strategy for PhD scholarships, activities and networks
  • Efforts to provide funding for post.doc. scholarships



Head of programme Trine Lund Thomsen
Phone: +45 9940 8330

Programme secretary Marianne Høgsbro
Phone: +45 9940 9810