Assessment procedure

Application for admission as a PhD student is considered by an assessment committee of three associate professors/professors, who will assess if the individual applicant is qualified for employment under the advertised scholarship. In practice this will imply that the project is deemed to fall within the scope described in the advertisement, and that its quality is at a level which must be expected of a PhD project; that it is estimated that the project will be completed within a three-year period, and that through their master programme and other educational/occupational background the applicant will have acquired the qualifications required in order to be able to complete the PhD programme. The final decision of employment under a scholarship is made by the dean of the faculty in which the position is advertised.

In case of recommendation of a PhD student on special terms, however, a specialist assessment will be prepared by one academic staff member appointed by the programme director.

The assessment committee at the Department of Culture and Global Studies often conducts interviews with the most promising applicants in order to have an opportunity to discuss the project in detail, and to acquire a better impression of the applicant’s personal profile and competences.

When assessments have been made and they have been approved by the dean, each applicant will receive their assessment and will then have a deadline of eight working days (the Humanities) and two weeks (the Social Science) to submit their comments. Before the expiry of this period, the applicants may forward any comments they might wish to make to the faculty office. When comments have been considered by the assessment committee, which will decide whether these may cause any changes to be made in the expert assessment, the dean will make the final decision concerning employment.