Employment types, financing and academic requirements

If you are employed as a PhD scholar (i.e. not as an external PhD student or as a PhD student on special terms), one of the following PhD schemes will apply:

  • A 3-year PhD scholarship. This type of employment corresponds to the basic model described in the Ministerial Order on the PhD Programme at the Universities
  • The industrial PhD scheme has roughly the same structure and contents as an ordinary PhD scholarship but is financed by an external sponsor and supported by the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education. The project therefore relates to typical issues concerning the external sponsor, and special requirements apply to reporting and communication as regards the external partner. Read more about the Industrial PhD scheme
  • Joint employment/teaching assistant professor. This is a 5-year PhD scheme with 60% employment as a PhD student, and 40% employment as an academic staff
  • External PhD student. Several different options exist for the enrolment of external PhD students. These options all involve faculty financing of some part of the PhD studies, e.g. expenses for supervision and assessment. The PhD student may for instance obtain funding from their employer or some other source to cover expenses related to their studies. A collaboration agreement must be signed between the student or the funding provider and Aalborg University

PhD on special terms. For PhD fellows enrolled under this scheme, a “Memorandum of understanding” must be signed between the programme and the PhD student. The PhD student must finance their own salary/living expenses. The department will cover expenses for supervision and assessment, and PhD fellows may apply the department for funds towards course registration fee and travel expenses related to the collection of data, course attendance, seminars and conferences.

It is important to bear in mind that the different enrolment and employment types may in some ways affect employment and work conditions, including teaching obligation.

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