Requirements concerning application and project description

Application for a PhD scholarship under all schemes must include:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Documentation for completed MA or part-time master programme in the shape of your examination certificate or a transcript of the examination register (you may include your thesis and other academic works)
  • Documentation of and information on activities which should be credited with a view to reducing the enrolment period
  • Information of any previous enrolment as PhD student
  • A project description of max. 10 pages (excluding literature list), unless otherwise stipulated. This should be opened by a title and a brief description of the topic and objective of the PhD project, i.e. the issues to be addressed and the purpose of doing so. It should also include your opinion of the topicality and relevance of the project, and possibly arguments as to why this topic has not previously been treated academically, why previous academic treatment was not sufficiently exhaustive, or why previous academic treatment was performed from a different academic perspective. In this regard, it is important to demonstrate your overview of central literature in the area. Your project description must also include a brief outline of the theory and method you intend to apply, and the reason for this. Your topic should be delimited so as to make it appear realistic that the three-year period will result in the preparation of a PhD thesis of typically 200-250 standard pages (and a lower number if one or a number of articles are included), and at the same time meet the requirements regarding teaching, communication and participation in PhD courses, cf. the section on the course of the PhD programme
  • The project description should be summarised in the time schedule of your project, with research time, study periods abroad, research courses and teaching obligations placed in the six semesters of the scholarship period
  • Any additional information as specified in the individual advertisement
  • When applying for a position at the Humanities, you must use an application form, which may be downloaded from the Doctoral School of Social Sciences or the Doctoral School of the Humanaties.