Expired, but not yet submitted

Office facilities etc.

It is increasingly emphasised that PhD students must complete their theses by the expiry of the enrolment period. If this does not happen, a PhD student may keep their office for a maximum period of six months after expiry of the PhD period. After this date it may be possible to obtain a place in a shared office by applying to the head of department. In this office, internet access is available. After the six months, secretarial assistance is no longer available. In exceptional circumstances, exemption from these rules may be granted. A reasoned application must be forwarded to the head of department. It is up to individual PhD students to make appointments with their supervisors.

Entrance card, VBN and PDS

When your enrolment period expires, your data in the central database will automatically be deleted, and your profiles in VBN and PDS will be deactivated (your personal profile will still exist in both VBN and PDS, but you will then be categorised as “former employee”), and your entrance card will be cancelled. In order to avoid this, please contact the programme secretary who will then ensure that your profile remains in the system by listing you as an external person instead.