List of facts

Unemployment insurance funds

Akademikernes a-kasse, [The Unemployment Insurance Fund for Academics] Nørre Voldgade 29, Postboks 1173, 1010 København K
Tel. 33 95 03 95, Email: aak (at) (Att. medlemsafdelingen)

Magistrenes Arbejdsløshedskasse [Masters Unemployment Insurance Fund] Mimersgade 47, 2200 København N
Tel. 70 20 39 71 – Email: ma (at)

Annual grant (taximeter)

The annual grant depends on your enrollment terms, most PhD students have  DKK 70,000 for the entire period, including DKK about 8,000 which must be set aside to cover expenses for the printing of your thesis and for the defence. The annual grant must cover all expenses related to the PhD programme, including proofreading and language revision. The department will not cover any additional costs.

Aalborg University Library (AUB)

Your nearest branch of Aalborg University Library is at Langagervej 2. Your staff card will serve as library card.

Ministerial order on the PhD programme

Ministerial order on the PhD programme.


PhD network at the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies Doctoral Programme.

One of CGS’ research training programmes.

EAN-number of the Department


ECTS points for courses for researchers and conference participation

You must collect 30 ECTS points from participation in courses for researchers. The PhD courses offered by the programmes always state number of ECTS points awarded.


Each calendar year, Danish salary earners earn five weeks’ of ordinary holiday and one week’s special holidays to be taken in the following holiday year (1 May – 30 April). NB! Newly employed staff who have not earned holiday pay from previous employment are still entitled to five weeks’ holiday. If you have not earned paid holidays, your salary will be reduced by the number of holidays you take. Remember to report your holidays to Ellen Nyrup Pedersen. Additional information is available from the HR website. All staff are expected to take their main holiday (three weeks) in July. The department will be closed for holidays between Christmas and New Year. The AAU main joint consultation committee has stipulated certain paid holidays.

The Doctoral School under the Faculty of Humanities

The Doctoral School under the Faculty of Social Sciences


AAU IT Services

Find more information on their homepage. If you have questions, you may write to or phone (9940) 2020.


Mailing lists of the Department are available from the intranet. PhD students will automatically be included in the PhD list and the mailing list of the Department upon enrolment.

Office expenses

Paper, pencils etc. are available from room 2.025D (Kroghstræde 1).


You need your AAU ID card to photocopy.

Progress reports

The PhD student uploads the Progress report and documentation for courses etc in the IT system PhD Manager, and subsequently, the plan is approved electronically by supervisor, Head of Department, Head of Doctoral Programme and Director of Doctoral School. Forms may be downloaded from the Faculties' homepages: Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Doctoral School of Humanities, where you will find guidelines as well. After the first written evaluation, this approved form must be continuously updated, so that activities continue to be documented in the SAME form.

The deadlines are adjusted in accordance with registration times, leave periods etc. 

Staff card

All staff must carry a staff card with photo and staff number. You must go to the building supervisors in Kroghstræde 3 room 2.102 to have your photo taken for the card. You will then receive your card in the mail. If you are not employed at AAU but enrolled as a PhD student, you will receive the same card informing that you are external funded; you cannot use this card as a student card, and it will not entitle you to student discounts.

Staff Development Interview

PhD fellows who are employed at AAU have the possibility of having a staff development interview. The interview is conducted by the head of department.  

PDS (Personal Data System)

The HR department automatically creates a profile for all staff in PDS (this profile will be accessible 20 days after commencement of employment at the earliest). Each employee is responsible for reporting their education, work experience, teaching, research etc. For information on editing please the intranet. Specific questions regarding PDS may be directed to the PDS editor at the Department, Cirkeline Kappel.


This will be conducted with an external discussant 3-6 months before submission of your PhD thesis. The pre-defence is mandatory under the Faculty of Social Sciences and optional for PhD fellows under the Faculty of Humanities.


At the AAU IT Services' homepage you will find info about printers

Pedagogical course for university teachers

This course is mandatory and may either elicit ECTS points or count as 30 hours of teaching. The courses are offered by AAU Learning Lab.


Klitgaarden and Ørslev Refugium are recommended. Please contact your secretary before making arrangements with the retreat.


You may book travel through the travel agency Egencia at +45 70 70 81 32, mail:
Advance payment towards travel may be obtained if you apply for this in the travel reimbursement system.
Rules applying to travel expenses are available on the Finance department’s homepage.


Registration of sickness absence – and return to work

You must report absence due to sickness and also your return to work after this absence to the Department. Study the procedures here.

Teaching obligation

For PhD students who are employed or fully financed at AAU the volume is 600 hours, of which 100 hours may consist of communication activities depending on the head of department’s approval.


You must register all your publications in VBN. The Department’s VBN editor Cirkeline Kappel will assist you with registration in VBN and procedures as regards entry of publications.

The library's introduction to VBN.

All PhD students, whether fully financed or enrolled on other conditions, are required to upload their profile to VBN (title and a description of their PhD project) at the beginning of their PhD study period. This is obligatory pursuant to AAU-requirements and will assist students in making their research known to the general public.