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Layout and printing of the PhD thesis

Aalborg University has established a common procedure for the four faculties for submission, archiving, printing and publication of PhD theses, a submission and publication system. PhD theses must be handed in digitally through filing and uploading of documents in VBN.

Registration in VBN marks the official handing-in of the thesis and initiates the process of printing, archiving and e-publication of the thesis.

In connection with submitting the thesis, PhD students must:

  • Format your thesis according to the formatting guidelines
  • Register your thesis in VBN at: www.vbn.aau.dk/admin
  • Send an e-mail to Aalborg University Press, regarding choice of front page (see the below paragraph). At CGS we do not print the thesis before the assessment committee has made its recommendation that PhD thesis fulfils the requirements for the award of the PhD degree. The number of copies will depend on the economy of the PhD student (annual grant). 

Choice of front page

Ph.d.-students at the Faculty of the Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences have five different options regarding the colour of the front cover, applicable for both faculties.

When you submit your thesis, you must decide which front cover colour you want, as well as whether your want a design with or without photo. If you decide on a front cover with photo, you have to choose between a pre-defined photo or a photo of your own choice.

Information regarding choice of front cover must be e-mailed to Aalborg University Press along with the photo of your choice, should you choose that solution. Photo format: 17,5 x 8,5 cm and 300 dpi at minimum.

Once the thesis has been submitted in VBN, the following procedure will commence:

  • The PhD thesis is officially handed in at Aalborg University
  • The Faculty Office (PhD School) is notified automatically, and will initiate the reviewing process.
  • The thesis is sent to the Ephorus system that checks for plagiarism
  • Once the PhD student has selected the front page, Aalborg University Press initiates printing of six copies that are sent to the reviewing committee via the Faculty Office.
  • Prior to defence, the University Press initiates making a file that will be sent to the assessment committee.
  • When the PhD degree is awarded, the VBN Editorial Office will make the thesis ready for e-publication in the relevant AAU PhD Series (each faculty has its own PhD Series)
  • Subsequently, the department is billed based on the price example below

Check the VBN-team's website for further information on PhD submision.

Please find at this link a description of the submission process in English.

If you have any questions regarding the formalities of PhD filing, please contact: The VBN-team: vbn@aub.aau.dk

If you have any questions regarding procedures and guidelines in connection with submitting your PhD thesis, please contact The Doctoral School.

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Published: 18 June 2015 | Last revised: 4 October 2018