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The research training programme Culture and Global Studies (CGS) 

The research training programmeact as an organisational framework for PhD fellows in the programme.This applies whether they are enrolled under the Humanities or Social Sciences Faculties, and whether they are fully financed by AAU or partly financed by external funds – or whether they are external students. The programmes organise a number of activities. They have a daily management which is supported by a programme committee.



















The department will make office space and the necessary IT facilities available for all employed PhD scholars and Industrial PhD scholars as well as for external PhD students and PhD students on special terms who wish to pay for this service.



















PhD Networks

The PhD fellows in the department are encouraged to take part in academic networks locally, nationally and internationally. It is often in such networks members share information about relevant PhD courses. The PhD group at the Faculty of Social Sciences has established the DELPHI network, which is both academic and social in character (and which also includes PhD fellows enrolled at the Faculty of Humanities). Network members meet regularly and discuss issues of relevance to the group in general and to the individual PhD student. DELPHI provides a forum for sparring with other PhD fellows, and discussion and determination of the group’s attitude to matters of principle.

In addition, most PhD fellows participate in networks that reflect their academic backgrounds and/or interests. Often, supervisors will introduce their PhD students to relevant academic networks.











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