list of persons

Persons affiliated to the PhD area at CGS

  • Marianne Rostgaard, Head of Department (approves PhD plans)
  • Lise-Lotte Holmgreen, Deputy Head of Department
  • Paul McIlvenny, Head of Programme, Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies Doctoral Programme (approval of PhD progress reports and PhD plans)
  • Trine Lind Thomsen, Head of Programme, The doctoral programme in Culture and Global Studies (approval of PhD progress reports and PhD plans)
  • Henriette Badsberg Jensen, Head of Secretariat (HR-related tasks, leave, in charge of fit-for-work reporting procedure)

Project secretariat

Ulla Langballe (accounts relating to externally funded PhD fellows) 

   Julie Skibsted Larsen (fundraiser)

  • Marianne Høgsbro (programme secretary, reception of new PhD fellows, accounts relating to internally funded PhD fellows, PhD administration in general) 
  • Mie Kirstine Hjul (temporary employee in Marianne Høgsbro’s absence)
  • Ulla Langballe (accounts relating to externally funded PhD fellows), replacement to be found, beginning 2018
  • Julie Skibsted Larsen (fundraiser)
  • Susanne Aarup (receives travel applications from PhDs/teaching assistant professors)
  • Helle Weiergang (external scholarships, fit-for-work reporting procedure)
  • Marianne Ellersgaard (accounts relating to annual grants for PhDs/teaching assistant professors)

The Culture and Global Studies programme committee

VBN (research registration) editor

PDS (personal data system) editor

Persons affiliated to the PhD area at AAU in general

The Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Social Sciences

The Doctoral School of both Faculties

  • Merete B. Rasmussen, Doctoral School secretary (job advertisement, employment, registration of biannual evaluations, general PhD administration)
  • Anne Lone Bråten, (PhD advertisement, employment, progress reports in PhD manager, PhD administration in general)

The Salary Office

Finance department (pay slips, holiday pay). Salary office staff handle queries on the basis of birth dates.

The HR department

Enquiries according to birth date.