Theme 1: International/intercultural studies

The first component in the Global Graduate programme recognises the insights into intercultural and international relations gained through formal/classroom learning, as well as the importance of skills in a variety of languages. You may earn up to 10 points through participation in obligatory and elective courses on topics such as international relations, globalisation and intercultural communication. In addition, we recognise your participation in in any foreign language classes that are not an obligatory part of your study programme.  Finally, you can gain points by participating in extracurricular academic activities such as film screenings, guest lectures and conferences.

Course on intercultural/international theme (5 ECTS) 5
Course on intercultural/international theme (10 ECTS) 10
Voluntary language class (15-25 class hours) 5
Voluntary language class (45-50 class hours) 10
Extracurricular academic activities (min. 5) 5

Courses on intercultural/international themes (max. 10 points)

Up to ten points can be gained if you participate in courses on intercultural/international themes. These courses may be part of your obligatory course activities or elective subjects. However, you will need to follow courses at your own academic level (e.g. MA courses for MA students, BA courses for BA students. Please click here for a list of courses that will gain you GGC points.

To document your participation in coursework you will need to include an exam transcript in your portfolio . If your course does not lead to an exam, please use the GGC attendance sheet to document attendance. Please note that you need to participate in at least 80 % of the classes to claim your points and collect signatures from all classes.

Language classes

You may gain up to 10 points from participation in language classes. However, language courses only qualify if they are not a part of your obligatory course programme. This means you can claim points if you partake in classes on languages not studied (e.g. German for a student of English) or by following Danish classes if Danish is not your first language. You can claim points for courses in several languages, provided your total number of points does not exceed 10. Please note that you will have to arrange your own language courses. Possible ways of doing so is by partaking in Evening Classes or the Danish courses offered by Aalborg Municipality.  

To document your participation in language classes, please include in your portfolio a certificate from your language school or a signed letter from your language teacher testifying that you have attended the class.

Extracurricular academic activities

During term you have the opportunity to participate in various extracurricular academic activities such as guest lectures, conferences or workshops organised by AAU research groups working with international or intercultural topics. These enable you to further your understanding of particular areas of international/intercultural studies, whilst gaining an insight into the research taking place at the university. You can gain five points for the GGC certificate by partaking in five different activities. If you partake in 5 activities both in the autumn and spring semester (i.e. a total of 10 activities), you can apply for ten points. 

Please use the GGC attendance sheet to document participation. Please remember that you need to collect signatures from all five events that you partake in. You can submit the attendance sheet as part of your portfolio.


Intercultural competence can be defined in different ways. Common to these are knowledge, interaction and practices, which we have therefore chosen as key priorities when selecting activities for the Global Graduate programme.