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Theme 2: Multicultural teamwork

Employers frequently stress the ability to work in international teams as a key competence sought from new recruits, which ties in well with the AAU model for Problem-Based Learning.  We have therefore included as an obligatory component in the GGC programme multicultural project work. We expect that participation in multicultural teamwork will enhance your capacity to recognise and benefit from the possibilities that diversity presents in terms of language, socio-cultural insights and new disciplinary and institutional practices.  This is a core competence in the global workplace where it is vital that you can use linguistic and cultural differences as a resource for individual and organisational learning.

Project work in multicultural teams 40
Experience report on multicultural teamwork 5

Multicultural project work

This is an obligatory module for all GGC participants. As regards the meaning of ‘multicultural’, we realise that this can be understood in various ways (e.g. ethnicity, nationality, languages, academic disciplines, religion), and we will accept your team as ‘multicultural’ if you can explain to your supervisor why you believe your project group qualifies. As GGC participants we encourage you to engage in a dialogue with your team members and perhaps supervisor about multicultural teamwork and the importance of acknowledging the resources that diversity offers. However, please respect that your supervisor’s time and resources may be limited. You should note that in order to qualify your multicultural teamwork will need to involve a PBL element, including a joint written and oral assessment. You can only obtain points for multicultural teamwork once, but you have the opportunity to claim an additional 5 points by submitting an experience report (see information below).

A short account (max ½ page), written by you, which informs us of the team composition and why this is ‘multicultural’. This paper will have to be signed by the supervisor and enclosed in your portfolio. 

Experience report on multicultural teamwork

You can gain an additional 5 points by producing a 1-2 page experience report about your multicultural teamwork. This is an individual statement and may include reflections on the nature of ‘multicultural’, how you used diversity in the planning/undertaking the project, any sources of noise or tensions in your group etc. Your report will need to be signed by the GGC coordinator. You can submit the report by using this mail.

To provide documentation, please enclose in your portfolio a copy of the experience report, signed by the GGC coordinator.


If you want to know more about multicultural teamwork, you may want to check the resource page for the project ‘PBL & Multicultural Teamwork’. Here you find information on a variety of themes incl. team formation, roles, diversity, and ‘Global English’. You can access the material through this link.


Intercultural competence can be defined in different ways. Common to these are knowledge, interaction and practices, which we have therefore chosen as key priorities when selecting activities for the Global Graduate programme.