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New assistant professor: Erick Gonzalo Rodríguez Palomares

As of 1 September 2017 Research Center on Development and International Relations (DIR) has a new assistant professor!

My research interests have varied in relation to the different contexts I’ve been dealing with. During my Master's degree in development, innovation and change, at the university of Bologna, I focused on the discourse of social innovation as an exit to the recent financial crisis. In my PhD in government and public administration, at the University Complutense in Madrid, I worked with the tensions between innovation in public policies and the electoral rationality involved in democratic politics, using as a case of study a series of awards on social innovations in Latin America.

The research I’m currently developing deals, on the one hand, with contemporary populism, using the discursive approach of Ernest Laclau. On the other hand, I work on the cultural (im)possibility to imagine utopias, based on the frequently quoted statment of Frederic Jameson: “It’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism”. I’m also interested in how recent political experiments in Latin America, like the (neo)zapatismo and the populist governments, have influenced political thinking in Europe, particularly in terms of the intellectual tradition regarding the discussion between reform and revolution, as a political strategy.

Some final remarks: you can call me Erick or Gonzalo, my last name is Palomares, and I am from Mexico. My office is at Kroghstræde 3, 5.221, very close to the where the coffee for the staff is, so you can come by any time and we can have a cup of that coffee next to my door and extend this first introduction a little bit and also of course to be able to get to know everyone of you better.

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