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New professor: Li Xing

New professor: Li Xing

As of 1 January 2018, the Research Center on Development and International Relations (DIR) has a new professor!

My name is Xing Li, but I always prefer to be called “Li” because in China the family name is always placed before the given name.

Currently I am a Professor and Director of the Research Centre on Development and International Relations, the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University. In addition, I am also the Editor in Chief of the Journal of China and International Studies (ISSN: 2245-8921). This journal is on Denmark’s BFI list.

My research and teaching areas include development studies, international relations, international political economy, emerging powers and world order. Apart from publishing numerous international and Chinese journal articles, in recent years I have been engaged in writing and editing a series of anthologies around the theme of “the rise of China/emerging powers vis-a-vis the world order”, such as 

  • The Rise of China and the Capitalist World Order (Ashgate, 2010); 
  • The Rise of China and the Semi-periphery and Periphery Countries (Aalborg University Press, 2012);
  • China-Africa Relations in an Era of Great Transformations (Ashgate, 2013); 
  • The Rise of the BRICS and Beyond: The Political Economy of the Emergence of a New World Order? (Ashgate, 2014);  
  • Emerging Powers, Emerging Markets, Emerging Societies: Global Responses (Palgrave MaCmillan, 2016); 
  • Mapping China’s One Belt One Road” Initiative (forthcoming, Palgrave MaCmillan, 2018); 
  • The International Political Economy of the BRICS (forthcoming, Routledge, 2018)

I was one of the key founders of the study program Chinese Area Studies and the joint masters program in China and International Relations in cooperation with the University of International Relations, Beijing. I am also adjunct professor at a number of Chinese universities, and I visit and teach in China on a regular basis

I am married to my wife (Helena) and have a daughter (Vivian), and a son (Simon). Vivian is in her second year of the undergraduate program in “Robotics”, while Simon is now studying Chinese language at Beijing Normal University. Ulaaaaaaaaa --- both my children are over the teenage period!

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