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Department of Culture and Global Studies

The Study Board of International Affairs

Members of the studyboard

head of studyboard

Ane Bislev
E-mail: abislev@cgs.aau.dk

vice chairman
Louise Brams Vinther

studyboard secretary

Anne Vestergaard Larsen
E-mail: larsen@cgs.aau.dk

Board Members

Li Xing
E-mail: xing@cgs.aau.dk 

Wolfgang Zank
E-mail: wzank@cgs.aau.dk

Bjørn Møller
E-mail: bm@cgs.aau.dk


Student Members

  • Anna Dau Hvas Sandvad
  • Christioan Strier Nyholm Jacobsen
  • Narcis George Matache


Recruitment panel

In order to ensure high quality educations, a recruitment panel reviews and evaluates the programmes (European Studies, Development and International Relations) and specialisations (Global Refugee Studies, Global Gender Studies, Chinese Area Studies, Latin American Studies) on an on-going basis. The current members are: 

  • Ane Bislev (Head of Studyboard)
  • Robert Chr. Thomsen (The School for Culture and Global Studies) (Observer)
  • Finn Reske-Nielsen
  • Camilla Kragelund
  • Poul Nielson (former Development Minister and EU Commissioner)
  • Margrethe Holm Andersen (The Danish Foreign Ministery)
  • Jan Top Christensen
  • Jacob Simonsen
  • Carsten Boyer Thøgersen
  • Susan Vonsild
  • Thomas Thomsen
  • Lisbeth Pilegaard (Norwegian Refugee Council)
  • Anders Knudsen
  • Lasse Frimand Jensen
  • Marie Louise Gammelgård-Larsen



Next meeting planed in June 2018.01.29