LACS - AAU Language and Communication Services


LACS’ mission is to contribute to the enhancement of the English and Danish language proficiency and communication skills of all AAU staff. We act as sparring partners on language issues and offer services within translation and language revision as well as language courses and language coaching in Danish and English.


LACS offers:


LACS offers language courses for all AAU staff in English and Danish.

Language courses

Lectures and Workshops

LACS offers lectures and workshops for research groups, network meetings, department seminars etc.

lectures and workshops

Language coaching

LACS offers individual language coaching to all categories of AAU staff.

language coaching


LACS performs translation between Danish and English and English and Danish of all text types.


Proofreading and Language Revision

LACS performs proofreading and language revision of all types of texts in Danish and English.

Proofreading and revision

Language Certification

LACS offers language certification in English to teachers at AAU who use English as their medium of instruction.

language certification

Contact LACS

Language and Communication Services
Kroghstræde 3, room 2.219
9220 Aalborg East
Tel.: +45 9940 9074


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