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LACS - AAU Language and Communication Services

LACS’ mission is to contribute to the enhancement of the English language proficiency and communication skills of all AAU staff. We act as sparring partners on language issues and offer language courses and language coaching in English.


LACS offers:


LACS offers language courses for all AAU staff in English.

Language courses

Lectures and Workshops

LACS offers lectures and workshops for research groups, network meetings, department seminars etc.

lectures and workshops

Language coaching

LACS offers individual language coaching to all categories of AAU staff.

language coaching

Language Certification

LACS offers language certification in English to teachers at AAU who use English as their medium of instruction.

language certification

Contact LACS

Language and Communication Services

Tel.: +45 9940 2796
Email: lacs@cgs.aau.dk


about LACS


Taking the course on Academic Writing in English at the beginning of my PhD study was an excellent idea. This very practical 5 half-days course really helped me to boost my English writing skills. Since I started putting in practice the lessons learned in the course, I have always been graded with top scores regarding English level, presentation or clarity in all my peer-reviewed publications.

(Ignacio Rodriguez, Postdoc, Department of Electronic Systems, Aalborg University, Denmark - December 2017)