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About AAU Language and Communication Services

The AAU Language and Communication Services (LACS ) is affiliated to the Department of Culture and Global Studies and falls within the remit of the department's research and teaching.

LACS has both full-time and part-time staff employed. In addition to linguistic competences at the highest level in English and Danish, our language advisors have experience within language advisory functions related to research and teaching.

LACS solves linguistic tasks (translation, proofreading and language revision) and provides language competence development for AAU staff (language courses for groups and individual language coaching courses).

LACS was established in early 2007 (as SRC) and has grown steadily since then.
Up until April 2009, LACS only provided income-generated services and activities but since then, the centre has been able to offer language courses in English free of charge to AAU staff thanks to a subsidy from the rector.
As of July 2013 our courses are again user-financed.
LACS also offers written and oral language assistance as income-generated services to both internal and external customers.

LACS provides support functions in the following languages



LACS' areas of specialisation are

  • Academic writing in the following languages: English and Danish
  • Oral presentation and communication of research in English and Danish
  • Translation, proofreading and language revision in the languages mentioned above.
  • Specialised language advisory functions – e.g. technical, economic and legal language
  • Teaching in English.