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Language coaching or language counselling is an individual course available to all AAU staff – academic staff as well as administrative staff.

For course participants at our departments in Esbjerg and Copenhagen we provide language coaching and counselling as a virtual course, i.e. course participant and instructor meetings are video transmitted or via Skype.

We offer language coaching in English.

We offer tailor-made language coaching to suit your specific wishes, requirements and level.

Most AAU scholars have developed an excellent English vocabulary within their specialist fields. Even so, presenting and communicating research results in spoken English in front of an international audience requires a range of skills.

Our language coaching programmes are targeted to meet your individual needs in the context of your research in order to improve your competence in spoken English.

The aim of the programme is to assist you in developing accuracy, confidence, fluency and spontaneity in your English communication. Special points of attention may be pronunciation, intonation, fluency in dialogue, grammar, vocabulary acquisition, etc.

Language coaching could be useful in connection with:

  • guest lectures
  • research presentations abroad or/and at international conferences
  • teaching in English
  • supervision of international students.

Individual coaching courses can be tailored to the improvement of writing skills, taking your academic articles or PhD thesis as points of departure.

Individual coaching programmes for AAU staff:

Individual coaching programmes consist of a given number of sessions of 60 minutes each and a 60-minute introductory meeting to clarify focus areas and competence level.


  • 5 sessions and an introductory meeting: DKK 5,830

  • 8 sessions and an introductory meeting: DKK 9,010

  • 12 sessions and an introductory meeting: DKK 13,250

Language training for laboratory technicians – possibly together with PhD students

Language courses may take place in your laboratory, where we offer language training related to your particular work processes, test setups etc. Such courses will rely on preliminary contact between the course instructor and the lab technician in charge regarding specialist terminology and other practical issues. Lab technicians and PhD students may attend this course together in order to establish a shared terminology regarding their shared field of activity. Prices are the same as above. Please note that we do not offer language training for laboratory technicians as video transmitted sessions.

If you have any questions about our coaching programmes or wish to book your individual programme, please contact LACS.

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