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Need language support

AAU Language and Communication Services (LACS) offers both written and oral language assistance for AAU staff. 

Search the AAU Dictionary for Danish-English terminology or contact Pernille Budde Haensel / Louise Hartmann if you need more assistance. We are happy to be of assistance!

We also provide translation and proofreading services as well as language coaching for improving your oral proficiency.

AAU Dictionary

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Online language resources


AAU Dictionary (Danish/English AAU terminology)

AAU Language and Communication Services is the facilitator of the joint AAU Danish/English Dictionary.


AAU subscribes to these online resources:

Gyldendals Ordbøger (Danish/English and English/Danish dictionary)

Ordbogen.com (Danish/English and English/Danish dictionary)

Oxford English Dictionary


We also recommend:

KUlex ordbog (Danish/English terminology database at the University of Copenhagen)

AU Dictionary  (Danish/English terminology database at Aarhus University)

Contact LACS

Language and Communication Services

Tel.: +45 9940 2796
Email: lacs@cgs.aau.dk


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