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Proofreading and language revision

Proofreading and language revision services

LACS offers Proofreading and language revision in danish and english for all AAU departments.


DKK 530 per hour for time consumed, calculated per started half hour. Depending on the length and quality of the text, we will proofread/language revise 3 to 4 standard pages per hour. However, as a rule of thumb, pricing will be based on 3 pages per hour.

A standard page is defined as 2,400 characters including spaces.

All assignments will be invoiced as AAU internal transactions ('OMP') between LACS' accounts clerk, Liza Pank, and the accounts clerk at your department/unit.



Please contact LACS for a non-binding quotation. Send your text in Microsoft Word format and give us an indication of your timeframe. 

If your text has not been completed yet, you are also welcome to send an excerpt of the text and indicate how many standard pages you expect the text to be.

We always recommend that you book your assigment with us in advance, but you are always welcome to contact us with a short deadline. For larger assignments it is necessary to book in advance.



We will correct orthography, typing errors, grammar, punctuation and make corrections to ensure consistent vocabulary and spelling. In English-language texts we will ensure, for instance, that either British or American spelling is used, and not a mixture of the two varieties of English.

We will also make corrections of mistakes related to meaning, and improve the linguistic and idiomatic expression of the text, its syntactic structure and stylistic level. 


Contact LACS

Language and Communication Services
Kroghstræde 3, room 2.219
9220 Aalborg East
Tel.: +45 9940 9074
Email: lacs@cgs.aau.dk


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