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AAU Language and Communication Services (LACS) has received central funding for the translation of official texts and publications, including AAU (aau.dk) and department websites, brochures and other kinds of PR material for presentation, regulations and curricula, study guides, key HR documents, key staff policies, ministerial orders, rules regarding the SU grant and general safety information.

For any other translations, the following prices apply:

DKK 2.15 per word (minimum DKK 530).

As a rule of thumb, the cost of translating one standard page is DKK 800.

All tasks will be invoiced within AAU and an internal invoice (OMP) will be sent to the relevant finance officer.


If we have previously translated one or several parts of a text, the parts already translated will, of course, not have to be translated again and this will be deducted from the price. Such cases may include the revision of already translated policies and curricula or the translation of job advertisement or other texts that may have been written on the basis of a template which has already been translated.

Prior to the translation, we will analyse the text and if our translation tool finds any matches, we will deduct those from the prices of the target language text.


Please contact LACS for a non-binding quotation. Please attach your text in Microsoft Word format and let us know when your ideal return date would be.

If you are working under a deadline, please let us know and we will be able assess whether we can fit your translation into our schedule. We recommend you book large translations well in advance.

If you have not yet finished your text but need an approximate translation price, you may forward parts of you text (for instance 6-8 pages) including information on the estimated volume of your final text.


All translations are performed by LACS’ employees. When translating we are very interested in cooperating with the writer or project coordinator in order to reach the best possible result. This approach helps us ensure a high level of linguistic quality and a precise use of discipline-specific terminology. Therefore, when booking a translation, please provide a contact person who we may contact in case we have any questions relating to the text or need to discuss specific terms.

The original text (source text) and the translated text (target text) are both stored in our translation memory. This ensures consistency and linguistic quality and allows for us to easily revise translated texts.


Contact LACS

Language and Communication Services
Kroghstræde 3, room 2.219
9220 Aalborg East
Tel.: +45 9940 9074
Email: lacs@cgs.aau.dk


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