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Department of Culture and Global Studies

Management and administration at Culture and Global Studies

The Department of Culture and Global Studies employs a staff of over 120, who undertake a large number of different tasks for the faculties of humanities and social sciences. In order to ensure the smooth coordination of activities and well-informed decision-making, the Department is managed by a management group consisting of Head of Department Marianne Rostgaard, Vice Head of Department Lise-Lotte Holmgreen, Head of School Robert C. Thomsen, Head of Doctoral Programme Trine Lund Thomsen, and Head of Secretariat Henriette Badsberg Jensen.

Head of Department Marianne Rostgaard is responsible for the running of the department and works in particular with overall strategic planning, planning of job positions, research and external projects, and is a member of the management groups at both the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Marianne’s offices are located at Kroghstræde 1 (room 3.025), and the most convenient way of contacting her is by mail rostgard@cgs.aau.dk or telephone +45 6160 2961.

Lise-Lotte Holmgreen
is Vice Head of the Department of Culture and Global Studies, and as such she acts as sparring partner to the Head of Department in the daily management of departmental affairs. Lise-Lotte’s specific areas of responsibility include career development for assistant professors and newly appointed associate professors, the Department’s internal and external communication strategy, the systems for monitoring research and the Department’s cross-campus language courses. Lise-Lotte is a member of the management group at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, and her office is located at Kroghstræde 3 (room 1.219). She may be contacted by e-mail: holmgreen@cgs.aau.dk or telephone +45 9940 9197/mobile +45 2369 3429.

Robert C. Thomsen
is Head of the School of Culture and Global Studies and as such responsible for the development and quality of the study programmes under the school. In addition, he is in charge of internationalisation and marketing efforts related to the programmes and the overall strategic planning of school activities. Robert is a member of the management group of the Department of Culture and Global Studies, and his office is at Kroghstræde 3 (room 5.220). Robert can be reached by e-mail: thomsen@cgs.aau.dk, or by telephone: (+45) 9940 9131.

Trine Lund Thomsen
is head of the doctoral programme Culture and Global Studies and is in charge of issues relating to the PhD projects in this programme. Her main focus areas include organisation of programme activities such as seminars, courses and defences as well as development of international relations and cooperation with foreign universities and other research institutions. Trine is a member of the management team of the Department of Culture and Global Studies. Her office is at Kroghstræde 3 (room 2.215), and she may be contacted by mail tlt@cgs.aau.dk or telephone +45 9940 8330.

Head of secretariat Henriette Badsberg Jensen is day-to-day manager of all administrative staff, and in this capacity she is responsible for the establishment of administrative procedures, staff planning and development. Henriette also acts as the day-to-day sparring partner of the administrative group, as well as for the VIP group (academic staff), and takes care of case work in connection with HR issues, including employment, absence due to sickness and holidays, and the conduction of sickness absence interviews. In addition, Henriette takes care of the recording of hours of academic staff, overall budgeting, follows up on accounts of the operating economy related to the two faculties, and is a member of the financial centres of the two faculties. Henriette's office is at Kroghstræde 1 (room 2.004), and she may be contacted by mail badsberg@cgs.aau.dk or telephone +45 9940 9208.


The administrative tasks of the department are, among others:

Department secretariat:

  • The Department’s finances
  • Personnel administration 
  • Office supplies and catering for meetings

Project and research secretariat:

  • External projects
  • New acadmic staff
  • Conferences and workshops
  • Assistance forto research units and visitors of to the Department
  • PhD administration

Programme secretariat:

  • Programme coordination
  • Curricula and regulations
  • Timetable planning
  • Examination planning
  • Processing of credit transfers and exemptions
  • Recording of hours and follow-up
  • Economy
  • Study board meetings 
  • Service provision for teachers and students

Communications team:

  • Communication of news and events
  • Registration and administration of research publications and activities
  • Website design and updates 
  • Holiday registration 
  • Administration of academic journals 
  • Creation and administration of new users and mailing lists

Department of Culture and Global Studies
Kroghstraede 1
9220 Aalborg East
Phone: +45 9940 9208

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