DIR workshop on

DIR workshop on "Urbanizing Rural China: Challenges of Rural Governance"

February 23 to 25 the Development and International Relations Research Group hosted a workshop on "Urbanizing Rural China: Challenges of Rural Governance" at Klitgaarden in Skagen.

The workshop was attended by 12 invited scholars based in Europe, North America, and Asia. After the workshop, We will start a Europe-based research network of people working on topics related to modernization projects in rural China. Interested researchers can contact Jesper Zeuthen at zeuthen@cgs.aau.dk. The workshop was funded by the Danish Social Science Research Council. Participants included:

Chuang, Julia - Boston College

Donaldson, John - Singapore Management University

Gürel, Burak - Koç University

Looney, Kristen - Georgetown University

Lund, Christian - University of Copenhagen

Meyer-Clement, Elena - Freie Universität Berlin

Pils, Eva - King’s College, London

Trappel, René - University of Freiburg

Wilczak, Jessica - University of Lausanne

Yep, Ray - City University of Hong Kong

Zeuthen, Jesper Willaing - Aalborg University



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