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Exiles in Paris and the criminalization of solidarity (video)

“We are not in the midst of a migration crisis, but rather in a crisis of migration policies.” That is Post. Doc Carolina Sanchez Boe’s opening remark in this video about the consequences of European migration policies, as she sees them after having carried out research on border control, deportations and confinement in France and the USA over the past 15 years.

Through her work, Carolina Sanchez Boe (SERR, Aalborg University) has seen an increase in movements of solidarity towards exiles and refugees, often among the most marginalised populations. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to help exiles and in the past 10 years, there has been an increase in the criminalization of solidarity itself.

Carolina Sanchez Boe was interviewed as part of the Anthropology of Confinement Network hosted by Global Refugee Studies and SERR on 13-14 November 2017, funded by SERR, GRS and the European Association of Social Anthropology. The meeting gathered scholars from Portugal, France, Spain, the UK, Switzerland and Denmark and included a keynote by Prof. Manuela da Cunha.

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