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GRS gets a new visual expression

GRS gets a new visual expression

Today, Global Refugee Studies is launching a new graphic design, which illustrates the complexity and scope of the research center’s focus and activities.

GRS works to foster and communicate a deeper understanding of what happens when the world is moved and people move within it. Whether conflict, land-grabbing or poverty are the critical moving factors, GRS’s multi-disciplinary research capacity offers studies of the relationship between large-scale political and economic processes and the lived experiences of people on the ground and their dreams for a better future.

While there is a distinct focus in much of our work on refugees, refugees must be understood within broader historical structures of conflict and political economy, and as a socially constructed category from within a national order of things, which has had different meanings through time.

Our research center aims to understand these relationships in their complexities, rather than focusing uniquely on the moment of forced displacement and the entry of the displaced into specific legal and political categories. GRS is therefore not a refugee studies center, a migration studies center or a conflict studies center, but a research center that attempts to study these phenomena together.

As such, GRS’ research focus can be divided into ten topical areas; contested identities, postcoloniality, integration, dreams, conflicts, environment & resources, inequality, borders & security, human rights & humanitarianism and (im)mobility.

Through our multi-disciplinary research capacity we offer diverse stakeholders as policy-makers, NGO’s, municipal level actors, housing-related agents, fellow academics and students, and the broader public a stronger and better informed knowledge-base to engage in the challenges and resources that arise from these encounters. As this field is one of the central political battlefields of our time, we aspire to contribute to a thoroughly informed and nuanced debate, and now this is also illustrated in our visual expression.

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