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New 9th Semester Initiative: Introducing “Creative Learning Lab”

New 9th Semester Initiative: Introducing “Creative Learning Lab”

GRS’ Vibeke Andersson has created a new 9th semester initiative alongside Helene Balslev Clausen from Tourism Studies for students from Global Refugee Studies and Tourism: Creative Learning Lab.

The Mobility semester (9th semester) is a combination of academic courses and course exam (8 weeks) and working to produce a ’product’ to an external partner, which you choose yourselves (8 weeks). We have a new initiative ‘Creative Learning Lab’ included in the course period.

Instead of writing a ’normal’ semester project, you work with an organization/firm to solve a task, that they set for you. Your academic semester project will be closely linked to this task. The exam consists of pitching your idea for the solution to your task and a report, which takes in more academic analysis of your work. The semester is interdisciplinary and students from both GRS and Tourism Studies at AAU follow the semester.

Do you want to know more about the semester structure? Watch the promotion video below:


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