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New associate professor: Ole Izard Høyer

New associate professor: Ole Izard Høyer

As of 1 January 2018, the Centre for Discourses in Transition (C-DiT) has a new associate professor!

My research lies at the intersection of the fields of discourse analysis and musicology, showcasing music as an inspiring and relevant subject for discourse analysis. Within this field I am concerned with how people’s way of thinking is shaped by the different types of language and forms of expression that they use, i.e. how a particular use of language encourages a particular perspective on a musical genre and music practice. This research provides an opportunity to learn substantially more about the role of language in our society and how people use it in a creative way in order to shape the world and the world of others, and it is arguably also very applicable to the research field of musicology. This is a way to expand the scope of pragmatic musicology and jazz studies in the direction of social practice through the development of the notion of discursive musicology and music studies and the examination of its social and discursive practices.

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