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New postdoc: Anette Larner

New postdoc: Anette Larner

As of 15 February 2019, Cultural Encounters in Pre-modern Societies (CEPS) has a new postdoc!

Anette Larner obtained her PhD degree in November 2018 from Aarhus University with the project The Good Household Gone Bad, tracing the early modern Good Household through crime and incarceration. Anette also has an MA degree in History from Aarhus University. Before attending Aarhus University, she got her first MA (honours) joint degree from the University of Glasgow in History and Classical Civilizations.

At Aalborg University she will work on the project Enslaved by the State, in which she will continue to develop new understandings about the use, social implementations and political reasons for establishing a prison-workhouse model in Denmark, and seek to understand why these institutions were so different from the military prisons in use during the same period and under the same regime. She has put forward that it is now time to reconsider how we have traditionally viewed the intended purposes for the establishment and use of the early modern Danish prison-workhouses.

Moreover, a part of the project is building a database of prison inmates from various prison-workhouses, and in doing so, she will participate in the discussion about the use of digitized sources and archives, and more specifically consider what methodological and conceptual challenges we encounter in constructing and using databases which contain information about and describe prison populations in fragmented sources.

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