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New postdoc: Vadims Murasovs

New postdoc: Vadims Murasovs

As of 1 November 2018, Center for the Study of Migration and Diversity (COMID) has a new postdoc.

As of November 1, Vadims has joined the Department of Culture and Global Studies as a postdoctoral researcher and a member of the CoMID research team. His work at AAU is linked to the FLOW-project (“Global flow of migrants and their impact on North European welfare states”) with a particular focus on the discursive construction of the effects of immigration on the welfare states in Denmark and Sweden. The project explores how immigration and welfare state are perceived and discursively “framed” in different ways by key actors in these two countries, which share the same welfare model but pursue different policies.

Vadims holds a PhD in Social Psychology from Daugavpils University, and a Master’s Degree in International and European Relations from Linköping University. His doctoral dissertation covered the contemporary asylum crisis in Europe from the perspective of intergroup relations, national identities and the formation of out-groups in host societies, and included an empirical study on attitudes and prejudice towards refugees in Latvia. Vadims’ research activities centre on such topics as identity, intergroup processes, attitudes, social representations, migration, and security.

Vadims’ career puzzle contains pieces of research, education and public administration. Before becoming a member of CGS, he worked at Daugavpils University, Lärkkulla Folk Academy, Karis-Billnäs Gymnasium, the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia, the Permanent Representation of Latvia to the EU, and Uppsala University.

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