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New Research Assistant at GRS: Berfin Gurini will be part of the new Advancing Alternative Migration Governance project (ADMIGOV)

Berfin Gurini is the new research assistant at Global Refugee Studies. She will be doing research about EU’s entry and exit policies with particular focus on Germany, Sweden and Denmark in relation to the Advancing Alternative Migration Governance (ADMIGOV) project.

Global Refugee Studies is happy to welcome Berfin Gurini as a research assistant. Berfin will be working with Dr. Martin Lemberg-Pedersen in connection with the newly started Horizon2020-project, Advancing Alternative Migration Governance (ADMIGOV). More specifically, alongside Lemberg-Pedersen she will be involved in two of the project´s Work Packages. These are concerned with, respectively, analysing and mapping of the institutions, frameworks, actors and overall political economy underpinning EU policies on entry and exit policies, with a view to formulating indicators for alternative and sustainable policies on these areas.

Berfin has a degree in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen, where she has also worked as a teacher assistant in international relations. Throughout her studies she has focused on forced migration and the protection of displaced humans. Among other things she has been a co-founder of Danish Refugee Council Youth (DFUNK), worked as a political assistant for the Alternative´s spokesperson on migration and integration, Josephine Fock (then-MP), and interned at the Istanbul-based NGO Refugee Rights Turkey.

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