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PBL and Outreach Initiative – Creative Learning Lab

PBL and Outreach Initiative – Creative Learning Lab

Creative Learning Lab is a new initiative introduced on GRS 9th semester Mobility Studies during fall semester 2018.

The Creative Learning Lab forms part of a pilot initiative as part of the work in an initiative to strengthen knowledge collaboration through creativity performed in new exam forms at GRS.

Creative Learning Lab is a one-week activity where students work with real-life tasks set by an enterprise or organization to bridge knowledge exchange and collaboration between enterprises/organizations and students. After a week of intensive work with enterprise/organization students present potential solutions and a report to the set tasks in the last Creative Learning Lab session to the enterprise or organization.

The overall idea is to contribute to AAU’s strategy by working to develop exams which demonstrate one of the core activities knowledge collaboration. Furthermore, students gain valuable knowledge about improving efficiency in decision-making through task focus; breaking barriers to the industry. To equip students adequately we have organized presentations and exercises by external specialists in visual presentation methods during the AAU semester course period (first six week of the semester). The Presentation Methods Seminars provide students with competences and skills in creative facilitation tools for cross knowledge collaboration, thus to pitch ideas creatively to the external organization. ‘The pitch’ is short and clear-cut involving less text and more visual methods. All in all, it promotes and strengthens PBL.

The Creative Learning Lab activity is along the Sustainable Development Goals 4: “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. The project is a preparation for 9th semester students to generate a valuable creative ‘product’, which forms part of a new (experimental) exam form at the Mobility Studies semester. The ‘product’ is the outcome of students’ creative work and critical thinking in groups during the last two months of the semester where students prepare projects/products for an organization (of their own choice).

This new initiative is thus both an outreach- and a PBL project, since we seek to rethink PBL in course teaching. Furthermore, we aim to involve organizations and enterprises external to the university in order to promote knowledge collaboration and ensure networks leading to potential employability opportunities in both course work and semester project – which we have redefined as ‘semester product’.

Apart from being a new initiative in working with PBL, the semester is providing us with material for our research project ‘Creative Learning (by doing)’. Our students – who are both national and international - are co-creating new collaborative and cross-cultural knowledge – with us, and thus forms an essential part of the research project. Not only are we doing research-based teaching. We are also turning research around to be inspired by, and based on, students and teaching to create sustainable and responsible learning environments.

Vibeke Andersson & Helene Balslev Clausen, Global Refugee Studies

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