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Race and Racialization

Race and Racialization

Race has an ambiguous and contentious presence in contemporary Denmark. In the broader public issues concerning racialization and neo-colonialist discourses and policies are often seen as belonging to the past and with no relevance in a post-racial present.

In recent years, however, critical approaches to racism and colonialism have gained more traction. While scholars have observed a widespread denial of structural racism in Danish society, activist groups led by minorities and people of color have offered strong interventions aimed to challenge racial oppression and dominant knowledge around the legacy of Danish colonialism.

These developments and the emerging racial awareness call for more nuanced understandings and examinations of the complexity of racialization and the role of neocolonialism in Denmark. As such, it also opens up for approaching race as a multifarious phenomenon that intersectionally embrace gender, class, religion, and not least time and space

Listen to Philomena Essed from Antioch University talk about the development from everyday racism to the more and more widespread ’entitlement racism’.


Listen to Nasar Meer from University of Edinburg talk about ’The projects of whiteness’ and how they are being practiced throughout Europe


Listen to Peter Hervik, Associate professor at Department of Culture and Global Studies at University of Aalborg, Denmark describing his research field within race, racism and racialisation.

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