Steffen Jensen’s research has contributed to a new UN resolution

Steffen Jensen’s research has contributed to a new UN resolution

Earlier this year, GRS’ professor Steffen Jensen released a book entitled ’Corruption and Torture: Violent Exchange and the Policing of the Urban Poor’. The book is concerned with the relationship between torture, ill-treatment and corruption. It shows how the most vulnerable - sexual minorities, street traders, immigrants and refugees as well as the urban poor - are the most likely victims of both extortion and violence and that these two are never far apart.

Steffen Jensen’s research illustrates that rather than separating corruption and torture, we need to explore the linkages in the everyday encounter between authority (state and non-state/formal and informal) and individuals through the central concept of violent exchange. This concept contributes to contextual and situated understandings of the everyday practices of rule of law, exercise of authority and all the small, often invisible ways people attempt to navigate to stay safe and maybe even express claims of belonging and rights.

Together with colleagues and lawyers from the Danish Institute Against Torture (DIGNITY) Steffen’s research and the conclusions of the book has informed a new UN resolution in the Human Rights Council dealing with: ‘The negative impact of corruption on the right to be free from torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment’. Steffen Jensen’s research enables  new legal normative frameworks for local human rights organizations to address everyday violence in ways that are more in line with their local practices and experiences.

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