Vacant position: Student Communication Officer, GRS (part-time)

Vacant position: Student Communication Officer, GRS (part-time)

Global Refugee Studies is looking for a Student Assistant (Student Communication Officer). The position is part-time with 10 hours a week and runs from mid-December until 20 May 2018. The position is based at the Global Refugee Studies research group at Frederikskaj 10B, at Aalborg University’s South Harbour Campus. You will be reporting to the GRS Media Steering Group.

Terms of Reference

We are looking for you if you have a deep interest in refugee studies, research and politics and are eager to help make GRS a key research hub in Danish refugee politics. You must be able to read many texts, interviews, feature articles quickly, summarize their main points. You must be a skilled and competent user of webpages, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and know how to create synergies between these platforms. You must be able to handle digital camera, microphones and the associated recording and editing programmes. As much of the media-work will take place in Danish media, you must have a high-level proficiency in primarily Danish and English, but at times also be able to translate text from other languages.

Your main task will be to disseminate GRS research, workshops, conferences and projects through IT-platforms. This means uploading content to the GRS webpage, Facebook-page, Youtube-, and Twitter-accounts, and crosslinking between these in order to make the GRS web-presence dynamic, continuous, updated, in order to facilitate a wider in GRS’ research in refugee studies. To achieve this, you will coordinate these efforts continuously with the GRS Media Steering Group. As part of this, you will also use the new GRS digital equipment to produce a series of small interview-clips with GRS staff, academic guests and other notable visitors about key issues in Danish and international refugee politics, to be disseminated via the GRS’ web-platforms. This also requires that you familiarize yourself with the GRS staff’s research areas, and that you are able to offer feedback, suggestions and new ideas for how to best communicate this to various audiences. Finally, you will also assist the Steering Group in organizing a “GRS online”-workshop providing inspiration, tools and techniques for the GRS staff to disseminate their research on the web.

You must have:

  • Competence in reading and summarizing news-items on refugee issues.
  • Proficiency in primarily Danish and English, for the purpose of translating and communicating newsitems, research projects, conferences and workshops. 
  • Competence in disseminating knowledge through webpages, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also in creating synergies and traffic between these platforms. 
  • Competence with operating digital cameras and equipment, in order to produce and edit small high-quality video-clips with relevant graphics.
  • Assist in organizing two “GRS online”-workshops.
  • Continuous coordination with the GRS Media Steering Group.

Please follow this link to apply.

Deadline for sending in your application: 1 December 2017



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