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Department of Culture and Global Studies

Research at Culture and Global Studies

The Department of Culture and Global Studies is a cross-faculty department linking together The Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences. Department researchers and lecturers draw on theories and methods from both the social sciences and the humanities in their efforts to understand culture and society: inter-human relations, relations between cultures, local and global relations, relations between the past and the future.

Research groups

Each staff member with research obligations is a member of at least one research group. With point of departure in a strategy plan, the individual research groups organises various activities such as: academic seminars, joint publications, applications for externally financed projects and cooperation with external and international partners. 



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Academic networks

In addition to the research groups, a number of academic networks exist, which are typically characterised by a looser structure and a narrower activity profile, and often with members from across research groups and departments. 




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Research collaboration

We consider collaboration and the exchange of knowledge to be of outmost importance for high-level research. Therefore, department researchers are involved in a large number of research collaborations and are represented on external boards and committees at regional, national and international level. In addition, several of the department’s researchers are involved in collaboration with private and public organisations and through these activities contribute with knowledge development regionally as well as nationally.

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