Session types



Panel sessions will be 90 minutes each, and will consist of either three paper presentations of not more than 20 minutes each or four paper presentations of not more than 15 minutes each. In addition, 10 minutes per paper are allotted for questions and discussions. Note that in this context formal comments count as papers, and all sessions should include sufficient time for general discussion.


A roundtable session is also 90 minutes, but with this format the participants can choose to present a more tightly coordinated discussion with usually 4-6 speakers in addition to engaging the audience present.

Individual papers

Individual paper presentations are of max 15-20 minutes each, as they are mostly combined into sessions of three or four papers.

Poster session

Poster session presenters each bring along a poster in A0 size (1,189 x 956 mm) which is placed on the notice boards in the café area upon arrival, whereas and as a PowerPoint slide with the poster is used for the presentation in the conference room. Each presenter makes a brief presentation, which may include an introduction to the subject field, research questions, methodological and theoretical perspectives and / or preliminary research results.

Special session

In special cases, agreements have been made between presenters and the organizers regarding a "special session". That could be in case of film showing or presentations of historical associations and initiatives.

Standard equipment at the conference venue

All conference rooms are equipped with a beamer for PowerPoint presentations. There will be a student assistant in each room to help and guide you. If you require additional electronic equipment you should be prepared to bring this yourself. Please contact the conference organizers if you have any queries in this regard.