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Consumption and intergenerational relationships

Consumption and intergenerational relationships. Broadening interpretive research on family consumption by focusing on the grandparent-parent-grandchild relationship

The network on consumption and intergenerational relationships explores intergenerational relations in consumer culture.

Family relations have been studied primarily through nuclear families with a lack of inclusion of grandparents, but also without including children’s experience of being part of a family with more than two generations (parent/child). Including grandparents and grandchildren in the study of intergenerational relationships offers a valuable lens not only on consumption at later and early stages of the life course, but also on evolving family identity bundles, including the negotiations of practices, relationships and norms within social networks. 

Being a grandparent today is different than before and new fluid family patterns mean that intergenerational relationships are more diverse than earlier. The network seminars will address theoretical and methodological gaps and opportunities in the inclusion of more voices in the study of intergenerational relations in various national settings.


Project coordinator Malene Gram  
Mail: gram@cgs.aau.dk 

Project secretary Marianne Ellersgaard  
Mail: ellersgaard@cgs.aau.dk   

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