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Main objectives of the NOPO network

Among the main purposes, the network aims at:

  • Increasing and supporting the networking and active collaboration among especially Nordic junior and senior researchers at both the individual and institutional level by means of traditional and effective means such as the organization of seminars and workshops, but also creating a virtual discussion group encouraging a continued dialogue and knowledge sharing in the periods between the meetings.
  • To further develop and strengthen the quality of the research by adopting a multidisciplinary approach that involves political science, history, migration, media and communication and gender studies.
  • To cover theoretical and methodological question, design reflections and best practices during the seminars, particularly to the benefit of PhD students and young researchers.
  • To develop strategies that can enhance both cooperation and publishing opportunities of particularly young and junior researchers at the Nordic and international levels.
  • To make an immediate and beneficial use of the network activities and results by means of a publication containing the most relevant and innovative contributions that have resulted from the various seminars and workshops hold by the NOPO network (to be published as a special journal issue, as an independent publication also Open Access and as a working paper serie).
  • To discuss the developments and results achieved through the network with a wider group of experts (also at the European level) via the launching of a homepage and with the creation of open discussion group (blogs) as well as by means of social media such as facebook groups.


The main goals of the network are

  1. To stimulate the comparative research in the Nordic countries of the populist demand and offer, similarities and differences in the light of the more recent developments and by means of a multidisciplinary approach.
  2. To support and enhance the quality of doctoral research training by offering new knowledge and tools on how to study Nordic populism comparatively theoretically, methodologically and empirically.
  3. To facilitate the exchange of relevant quantitative and qualitative data available now and in the future and of the expertise accumulated in dealing with these by the various Nordic actors (both individual scholars and institutions).
  4. To strengthen comparative research designs and multidisciplinary frameworks that can promote the publication of high-quality Nordic research on populism at the Nordic and international level.
  5. To plan a publication strategy resulting from the activities of the network.
  6. To enhance the internal and external communication of the aims, activities and results achieved by the network via the regular updating of the network homepage and through discussion groups.

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