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Network meeting, Bergen 19. - 20. september 2012

As a member of the NOPO-network, you are warmly welcomed to our 2nd meeting organized by the Department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen

Last modified: 04.08.2015

The program will consist of both plenary sessions and research panels. For the latter, we are now accepting proposals and presentations from network members (title and abstract).

An important purpose of the research panels is to get familiar with the ongoing research of the network members, therefore we welcome papers at various stages of development and presentations from a wide range of perspectives concerned with Nordic populism broadly defined.

Titles and abstracts should be emailed. The proposal deadline is June 29. 

Keynote speaker: Matthew Goodwin, University of Nottingham.

From Voting to Violence? Examining the Attitudes of Radical and Extreme Right Party Supporters toward Violence and Intergroup Conflict

Matthew is a leading expert on extremism and its support, particularly in the UK. His research has included a major study of right-wing extremist activists based on extensive 'life history' interviews, articles on extreme right party voters and minor party voters, research reports on right-wing extremist violence and populist extremism across Europe. He is also undertaking work on the 2011 riots in England, the drivers of anti-Muslim prejudice and public attitudes toward immigration more generally. Some of the work he will be presenting has been conducted in cooperation with Jocelyn Evans.

Panel Discussion
Norwegian society and politics before and after July 22

One Norwegian man killed 77 people in two terrorist attacks on Oslo and Utøya on July 22, 2011. He also released and claimed authorship of a 1, 518 pages long text arguing that the mass-murder and further violence was needed to prevent what he perceived as an imminent threat of a Muslim take-over of Europe. We will invite scholars from various social science disciplines to debate Norwegian society and politics before and after the terrorist attacks.

The panel discussion is organized in cooperation with The Bergen Student Society.