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Each country has their own co-ordinator:


Susi Meret
Associate Professor
Aalborg University
Department of Culture and Global Studies


Suvi Keskinen
Assistant Professor
University of Turku


Elisabeth Ivarsflaten
University of Bergen
Department of Comparative Politics


Lars Nord
Mid Sweden University



Danish team

Responsible co-ordinator

Assistant Professor Susi Meret, Institute of Culture and Global Studies (CGS), affiliated the research Center for the study of Migration, Integration and Diversity (CoMID); meret@cgs.aau.dk

The Danish group includes senior researchers, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers representing several different disciplinary approached within political science, humanities, media and communication, discourse analysis and history respectively at the Universities of Aalborg, Aarhus and Copenhagen. It includes scholars from the Centre for the Studies of Migration and Diversity (CoMID), FREIA (the Feminist Research Centre), Contemporary History of Democracy and Democratization (CHI), the Centre for Discourse Studies (CDS) at the department of Culture and Global Studies and from the department of Political Science at Aalborg University (AAU).

These groups have been involved in several major research projects; among these a recently completed five years project on Irregular Migration and Global Control Regimes financed by the Danish Agency for Science Technology and Innovation, the VEIL project dealing with “Values Equality and Diversity in Liberal Democracies. Debates about Women’s Headscarves in Europe” and the Eurosphere project on “Diversity and the European Public Sphere. Towards a citizens’ Europe”.

Additionally the group includes researchers from the Institute of Political Science at Aarhus University (AU), from the Centre of Youth Studies at the Danish Pedagogic Institute (AU) and from the Danish Institute for International Studies, DIIS, in Copenhagen.

Participants of the Danish team

  • Susi Meret, Associat Professor (AAU)
  • Pauline Stoltz, Associate Professor (AAU)
  • Peter Hervik, Associate Professor (AAU)
  • Ruth Emerek, Professor Emerita (AAU)
  • Oscar García Augustin, Associate Professor (AAU)
  • Mogens Rüdiger, Professor with Specific Responsibilities (AAU)
  • Martin Bak Jørgensen, Associate Professor (AAU)
  • Birte Siim, Professor (AAU)
  • Trine Lund Thomsen, Associate Professor (AAU)
  • Lise Ronaldsen Augustín, Associate Professor (AAU)
  • Karen Breidahl Nielsen, Doctoral Student (AAU)
  • Abdulkadir Osman Farah, Doctoral Student (AAU)
  • Jeppe Ingemann Lyng, Doctoral student (AAU)
  • Maren Lytje, PhD student (AAU)
  • Christian Albrekt Larsen, Professor (AAU)
  • Ditte Shamshiri-Petersen, Assistant Professor (AAU)
  • Johannes Andersen, Professor (AAU)
  • Jørgen Goul Andersen, Professor (AU)
  • Per Mouritzen, Professor (AU)
  • Flemming Mikkelsen, Senior researcher (DPU)
  • Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke, Senior researcher (DIIS)
  • Kees Van Kersbergen, Professor, (AU)
  • Ole Borre, (AU)
  • Jacob Christensen, Associate Professor, (SDU)


Finnish team

Responsible co-ordinator

Suvi Keskinen, University of Turku (suvkes@utu.fi)

The group consists of senior researchers, post doctoral researchers and doctoral students from a range of disciplines: sociology, political science, media studies and gender studies. The researchers are based in several universities, including the Universities of Turku, Tampere, Helsinki and Åbo Academy.

The Finnish researchers have specialized on questions of gender and multiculturalism, rhetoric of the populist parties and the role of media in immigration debates. There is a strong expertise in discourse analytic and rhetorical approaches, represented by scholars from political science, media and sociology in the group. The group also includes researchers who focus on an assessment of the political support for and the historical development of populist parties.

The participants are currently engaged in for example a comparative research project between Denmark and Finland on the politicization of Gender, Ethnicity and Discourses of Violence in Families, funded by the Turku Institute for Advanced Studies, and the research project Structures of Compassion – Media, Migration and the Politics of Emotion, funded by the Academy of Finland.

Participants of the Finnish team:

  • Suvi Keskinen, Adjunct Professor, University of Turku 
  • Halil Gurhanli, Doctoral student (Helsinki)
  • Karina Horsti, Docent (CEREN, Helsinki)
  • Ullamaija Kivikuru, Professor Emeritus (Helsinki) 
  • Karin Creutz-Kämppi, Doctoral student (Helsinki)
  • Camilla Haavisto, Doctoral student (Helsinki)
  • Niko Pyrhönen, Doctoral student (Helsinki)
  • Henrik Serup Christensen, Doctoral student (Åbo Academy)
  • Emilia Palonen, Assistant professor (Helsinki)
  • Rauli Mickelsson, Assistant Prof. (Tampere)
  • Kaarina Nikunen, Senior researcher (Tampere)
  • Cristian Norocel, Doctoral candidate, (Helsinki)


Norwegian team

Responsible co-ordinator

Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, University of Bergen, (Elisabeth.ivarsflaten@isp.uib.no)

The Norwegian team includes scholars from the Department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen, the Department of Political Science and of media studies at the University of Oslo and from the CULCOM (Cultural Complexities in the new Norway) research priority area.

The team comprises junior and senior leading populism and populist right scholars as well as post doctoral researchers and Ph.D. students.

The coordinator of the Norwegian team, Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, studies populist right parties and electoral politics in a comparative European perspective and has published widely on the topic in journals such as Comparative Political Studies and the European Journal of Political Research.

Participants of the Norwegian team

  • Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Dept. of Comparative Politics, University of Bergen
  • Anders Ravik Jupskås, Doctoral student (UiO)
  • Hilmar Mjelde, Doctoral student (UiB)
  • Tor Bjørklund, Professor (UiO)
  • Frøy Gudbrandsen, Doctoral student (UiB)
  • Lars Svåsand, Senior researcher (UiO)
  • Elin Haugsgjerd Allern, Post Doc researcher (UiO)
  • Henry Nsaidzeka Mainsah, Post Doc researcher (UiO)
  • Randi Elin Gressgård, Researcher, (UiB)
  • Christine Jacobsen, Senior Researcher, (UiB)


Swedish team

Responsible co-ordinator

Lars Nord, Mid-Sweden University (lars.nord@miun.se)

The group includes senior and junior researchers and doctoral students from several different and geographically spread Swedish universities: the University of Stockholm, the University of Uppsala, Malmö, Södertör, Linköping, Lund and Göteborg.

The coordinator of the Swedish team, Lars Nord, has worked extensively within the area of media and political communication at the Mid-Sweden University.

The other participants to the Swedish group come from various disciplines and research such as political science, history, media and communication, gender and migration studies. Some of the participants have already dealt with aspects related to the political support for and the historical development of the populist parties, others privilege a gender and/or discursive and media approach to the analysis of the populism.

Participants of the Swedish team

  • Lars Nord, Professor and Chair of Political Communication, Mid Sweden University
  • Jens Rydgren, Professor (SU)
  • Anders Hellström, Post. Doc. (MAH)
  • Diana Mulinari, Professor (LU)
  • Ann-Cathrine Jungar, Docent (SH)
  • Anders Neergard, Docent (LIU)
  • Helene Lööw, Docent (UU)
  • Jenny Kiiskinen, Researcher (MAH)
  • Cristian Norocel, Doctoral student (SU)
  • Roberto Scaramuzzino, Doctoral Student (MAH)
  • Drude Dahlerup, Professor (SU)
  • Kristina Boréus, Associate Professor (SU)
  • Anders Sundell, (GU)
  • Andrej Kokkonen,  (GU)
  • Bjørn Fryklund,  (MAH)
  • Carl Dahlström (GU)
  • Gissur Erlingsson (LU)
  • Henrik Friberg Fernros (GU)
  • Henrik Oscarsson, (GU)
  • Lars Andersson (UU)
  • Marie Demker (GU)
  • Maria Oskarson (GU)
  • Peter Esaiasson (GU)
  • Stefan Dahlberg (GU)
  • Anders Widfeldt

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