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Research collaboration at Culture and Global Studies

We consider collaboration and the exchange of knowledge to be of outmost importance for high-level research. Therefore, department researchers are involved in a large number of research collaborations and are represented on external boards and committees at regional, national and international level. In addition, several of the department’s researchers are involved in collaboration with private and public organisations and through these activities contribute with knowledge development regionally as well as nationally.

Externally sponsored research

The Department of Culture and Global studies wishes to promote externally financed research, and we welcome approaches from enterprises, organisations and other research institutions regarding new collaboration ideas. Below we have listed examples of such both small and large externally financed collaboration and research projects.

  • Tourism Lifelong Learning Network (TOULL) 2012-2015 (The purpose is to develop life-long learning programs in the form of in-job training and retraining of unemployed within tourism and hospitality in four Russian regions: Tomsk, Altay, Kemerovo and Ivanovo, supported by EU’s Tempus programme by DKK 7 million)
  • Routes of Knowledge: The global history of UNESCO, 1945-75 (July 2013 - January 2017, supported by the Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities by DKK 6.8 M as well as by Aalborg University, Georgia State University (USA) og Tama University (Japan)
  • Contemporary Poetry between Genres, Art Forms, and Media (August 2013-August 2016, financed by Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities by DKK 6.1 M as well as Aalborg University, Aarhus University, and Hedmark University College (Norway))
  • Ethics and Energy. The role of ethics in energy policy and planning since the 1960s – with a special focus on the Danish energy sector's transition towards sustainability (Sep. 2014-Dec. 2017 – joint AAU project supported by the Danish Council for Independent Research | Humanities by nearly DKK 6 M)
  • Emigration and Immigration in a Historical Perspective (Aug. 2013-Aug. 2016) (financed by the Obel Family Foundation (DKK 1.5 M), The Danish Emigration Archives, The Danish Immigration Museum, and Aalborg University with a total of nearly DKK 3.7 M)
  • The Impact of Labour Migration from Eastern Europe on the Danish Labour Market (2013-2016) (project in collaboration with Arbejdsmedicinsk Klinik in Herning [Clinic for occupational medicine in Herning] and supported by the The Danish Working Environment Research Fund by approx.DKK 3.5 M)
  • Place Branding Across Sectors. Development of place branding methods to strengthen industrial development across the tourism and energy sectors (2014-2016) (Industrial PhD project in collaboration with and funded by Dania - Academy of Higher Education, the municipalities of Hobro and Skive, and Aalborg University. The total budget is about DKK 1.9 M)
  • Knowledge Dynamics & Destination Development and Food as Experience Strategies at Danish Seaside Destinations (2014) (two research projects funded by Videncenter for Kystturisme [a Danish research centre for seaside tourism] by a total of 1m DKK)
  • Rage – Hate Speech and Populist 'Othering' (2013-14) (collaboration project with other European research institutes and universities and supported by DG Justice (DKK 700,000 which is Aalborg University’s share of the grant)
  • A Project with and about Women in Egypt, post 25 January Revolution (2013, the one-year project is financed by Kvinfo and Aalborg University)
  • Vision Northern Jutland: State jobs in Northern Jutland facilitate growth (2013) (funded by regional funds (DKK 256,000) as well as by Aalborg Universitet, the Municipality of Aalborg et al.)
  • Collaboration in Brazil: An expansion of the international profile of Mariagerfjord Gymnasium (Aug. 2013-Dec. 2016) (collaboration project with a local 6th form college, supported by i.a. The North Denmark Region funds for educational purposes [Uddannelsespuljen] and Aalborg University with a total of DKK 100,000 (only AAU’s share of the project))

Gain inspiration and read more about the collaboration possibilities with Aalborg University via the Match Making Initiative, and do not hesitate to contact the match maker at our department: Ole Izard Høyer.

Enterprises may obtain support for or discounts on research collaboration via the innovation InnoBooster scheme.

Enterprises may obtain support for or discounts on research collaboration via the innovation voucher scheme.
At present, the department is represented in the research networks and collaboration units and on the boards and committees below:

Research networks

  • Bioethics Forum (Poul Duedahl, 01-06-2001 → …)
  • Centre for Modernism Research (International research and publishing collaboration with other Nordic modernism researchers)
  • Centre for Energy and Society (Mogens Rüdiger, 01-01-2005 → …)
  • Danish Association of Gender Research
  • IAMCR (International Association for Mass Communication Research) (Gunhild Agger, 01-01-1988 → …)
  • International Association for Scandinavian Studies
  • International Society for Intellectual History (Ben Dorfman, 01-10-2000 →)
  • International Society for the Study of European Ideas (Ben Dorfman, 01-09-2005 → …)
  • International research collaboration within the framework of the research school "the Georg Brandes School"
  • Network for Danish Jazz History
  • Nordic Post-war Poetology Network Peter Stein Larsen, 24-01-2005 → …)
  • Nordic Network for Intercultural Communication (Vibeke Andersson, 01-12-2007 → …)
  • Nordic Society of Phenomenology (Ben Dorfman, 01-04-2005 → …)
  • Nordic/Baltic research network
  • Nordic IMER (International Migration og Etniske Relationer) (Trine Lund Thomsen, 01-02-2007 → …)
  • New History Society (Poul Duedahl, 17-03-2010 → …)
  • PlaceME: Place, MEdiated Discourse and Embodied Interaction (Paul McIlvenny, 01-10-2006 → 30-09-2009 + Sara H. Nygaard)
  • Network for Forensic Linguistics (Aase Voldgaard Larsen, 01-01-2011 →)
  • University Network for Language and Internationalisation (Lisbeth Rieshøj Amos, 06-03-2009 → … & Sara Højslet Nygaard, 05-05-2010 → …)
  • V-CenTAH: Virtual Center for Technology for the Elderly and Handicapped (Paul McIlvenny, 01-08-2007 → …)
  • Visit North Jutland (Henrik Halkier, 2007 → …)


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