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The European Parliarment. Brussels.


The centers’ expertise focuses on five core areas (details: see below): 1) History of the EU, 2) Theories and conceptual approaches to regional and European integration, 3) European/EU Institutions and actors, 4) EU policies and policy-making with a focus on EU’s external relations and economic policies, and 5) Research methods in European Union studies. ACEuS is dedicated to an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to the study of EU affairs. Its members are trained in various disciplines, e.g. history, political sciences and law, and favour a research methodology that proposes to study the EU by drawing on analytical strategies from across the social sciences. In doing so, ACEuS follows the underlying methodology taught in the interdisciplinary and international MA program of European Studies at AAU, to which members of ACEuS are closely associated. These five core areas of interest are seen as potential hotbeds for cooperation and applications for external funding.

  • Historical Context of the EU (SD, WZ)
  • Theories and Conceptual Approaches to Regional and European Integration (LRA, SD, LL, WZ)
    ♦ Theory of regional integration 
    ​♦ Europeanisation
    ​♦ Political Sociology in European Integration 
  • EU Institutions & Actors (LRA, SD, LL, AN)
    ​♦ The European institutions
    ​♦ European Parliament, MEPs, political parties
    ​♦ Civil society & social movements
    ​♦ Euroscepticism 
  • EU Policies, Politics and Policy-Making (LRA, SD, LL,  AN, WZ
    ​♦ EU Policy Analysis (in general) 
    ​♦ EU’s External Relations
    ​♦ EMU
    ​♦ Lobbyism 
  • Research Methods in European Union Studies (LRA, SD, LL, AN)

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Research Coordinator Søren Dosenrode

Email: sd@cgs.aau.dk
Phone: +45 9940 8389

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