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The publication strategy of ACEuS is primarily focused on the publication of articles in international peer-reviewed journals, either as an individual contribution or as special issues. Moreover, members of ACEuS appreciate the virtues of the tightly edited anthology, and will from time to time make use of such an approach as an outlet. In addition, Søren Dosenrode is the serial editor of the Routledge ‘Federalism Studies’ series, and provides ACEuS with an excellent channel to the publishing house.

A central part of ACEuS’ activities are the research seminars where the members present their latest research. De facto these seminars function as informal peer review, where a discussion of publication forms a natural part of the discussion.

ACEuS has stated in its mission that it aims at contribution to the societal discussion within its field of competencies. Thus, the members often are interviewed in Nordjyske Stiftstidende, or provides article to it. Nordjyske Stiftstidende is the most important regional news medium.

The European Parliarment. Brussels.

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