New PhD student: Jette Holt

As of 1 August 2017 Centre for Discourses in Transition (C-DiT) has a new PhD student!

Jette Holt is a qualified nurse from Aarhus Regional Hospital. She holds af Diploma in Education and a Master in Arts (adult pedagogy) from the Danish University of Education. Jette has always had her major interest in the interactions in the health care practice / and with a special focus on health care workers and behavioral change, compliance to guidelines and decision making.   

Since 1998, Jette has been working at the Central Unit for Infection Control at the Danish Statens Serum Institut, where she has been in charge of the development of infection hygiene guidelines, education and elearning material aimed at health care staff in both Denmark and Greenland.

As of 1 August 2017, Jette has started as a PhD student at CGS with Professor Inger Lassen as her principal supervisor. Jette’s project focuses on feedback and the use of data from the electronic surveillance data capture system HAIBA. HAIBA monitors the incidence of hospital aqquired infections, and is one of the tools in an Infection Control program, where the purpose is to lower and prevent the number of infections that patients contract during hospitalisation

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