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Great support for contemporary poetry

The Danish Council for Independent Research has recently granted more than DKK 6 million for mapping the explosive development within the production, dissemination and reception of poetry experienced within the past few decades. The grantee is Professor Peter Stein Larsen from Aalborg University.

Peter Stein Larsen explains that contemporary poetry can be positioned in three areas of tension, that is, between a traditional perception of the poetic genre and the disintegration of genre, between literature and other art forms (visual arts, music, performance, films etc.), and between the book as a medium and other media (the Internet, oral performance etc.). However, an area that is strikingly absent is that of theoretical, analytical and historical poetry research which is on a par with contemporary poetry. Moreover, the aim is to research the literary-historical, art-historical, social and political implications of the expansion of poetry.

Peter Stein Larsen is professor with special responsibilities of poetry and language at the Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University.

In addition to the grant for poetry, DKK 150,000 has been granted for the journal Mediekultur, edited by Professor Nicolai J. Graakjær, among others.

Read more in Danish on the website of the Danish Council for Independent Research

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