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Ny assistant professor: Michael Kallesøe Schmidt

Ny assistant professor: Michael Kallesøe Schmidt

As of 1 October 2017 the Interdisciplinary Research Group in Culture (IRGIC) and Center for Research in Contemporary Poetry (CERCOP) has a new assistant professor!

As of 1 October, I hold the position as an assistant professor in Danish literature at the Department of Culture and Global Studies. I have a PhD degree from the University of Copenhagen, where I defended my PhD thesis in November 2015 on author poetics, i.e. the self-reflective works of authors of fiction. My objective was to outline the emergence and development of this peculiar hybrid genre within Danish literature in the period 1948-2013 in a large number of examples from a relatively comprehensive volume of material.  Since then I have been interested in the extensive media consumption of contemporary poetry and have discussed the relationship between text, medium and work in a handful of contemporary authorships.  Moreover, I am in a process of completing an annotated edition of Paul la Cour’s Fragmenter af en Dagbog [Fragments of a Diary] - a work which was epoch-making for its age and which exemplifies a cross-medial reception, as it was published repeatedly in both article and book form, attracting great attention. 

With the research group Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies (IRGiC) as a framework, I am planning to continue my research into cross-medial phenomena, including the current Danish literature debate, for instance, in my research field.  From time to time, literature emerges in the news media, often on the basis of heated internal conflict in the literature environment or fierce external criticism.  I wish to expand our attention from this subject-matter of scandal to a broader understanding of the diversity of platforms and agents of the literature debate.   I look forward to embarking on this work, and to getting to know the students of Danish and all my new colleagues!

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